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Dentist, TGGD Medical & Dental

Job Req ID:  101140
Date:  10-Jun-2022
Department:  TGGD Medical & Dental

Shah Alam, 10, MY, 40170

Working Hours:  Monday to Friday (Regular hours), Every Saturday (

Job Descriptions

Job Responsibilities:
01)    Adhere to the high standards of dental practice, ethics and professionalism at all times. 
02)    Obtain a complete data and record all medical, dental and surgical history and perform oral examination. 
03)    Record diagnosis and explain to each patient the plan of treatment. 
04)    Prescribe medication in accordance with Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia’s rules and international guidelines. 
05)    For Specialist Care, refer patient to Global Dental Specialist Clinic. In the event that the specialist is not available or the specialty is not available, then it is allowed to refer the patient to other dental centre where the credibility of the specialist has been established by Global Dental Specialists. 
06)    Review reports e.g. Laboratory, imaging and inform/advise the patient accordingly. 
07)    Complete patient’s insurance claim form as and when needed as soon as possible. 
08)    Prepare comprehensive medical reports as requested/ required. 
09)    Promote preventive dentistry and encourage oral health screening and recalls. 
10)    Do not undertake cases that is beyond your capability that may compromise the treatment outcome for the patient. 
11)    At all times maintain the good reputation of the clinic and the medical clinic. 
12)    Ensure appropriate professional attire and appearance at work. 

Job Requirements:
01)    Bachelor of Dental Surgery or by an institution recognised and/or certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. 
02)    Good command of English & Malay (spoken and written). 
03)    Comprehensive knowledge of dental procedures, tools and diagnostics 
04)    Good management skills.
05)    Strong computer skills and experience with healthcare databases and applications.
06)    Excellent written and verbal communication skills; ability to keep detailed records.
07)    Positive attitude and strong work ethics.
08)    Problem-solving skills. 
09)    Flexibility and adaptability. 
10)    Time management skills. 
11)    Willingness to work as part of a team. 
12)    Ability to empathise with clients. 

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